David Raccuglia is a trained barber, salon owner, entrepreneur, professional photographer, creative director and beauty industry executive. David is best known as being the founder of American Crew – the leading men’s professional grooming brand which pioneered the men’s professional grooming industry. His hands on and creatively driven leadership in building the American Crew brand has lead to a 25 year track record of success and growth.

David is a renowned photographer who has produced a diverse portfolio characterized by portraits of unique individuals. From shooting imaginary of the well-known to creating portraits of unique individuals. From shooting imagery of the well-known to creating portraits of the should-be-known to creating portraits of the should-be-known. David’s celebrity portraits have included cultural icons such as Jack Nicholson, Ray Charles and Yoko Ono. His photographic project delve into broad cultural subject ranging from folk artists, blued musicians, American quilters and Tibetan refugees. His works expands across a variety of mediums, from printed books such as his “Portrait of the Culture in Exile” and “Darker Blues” to co-directing the feature length documentary “Purvis of Overtown.” David has also produced extensive editorial and commercial work – creating a broad range of campaigns in the salon and barber industry.